In the Fourth Nocturn

Ave maris stella

  1. Ave, maris stella,
    God’s own Mother, loving,
    atque semper virgo,
    blessed gate of heaven.

  2. Sumens illud «Ave»
    Gabriel’s word was spoken.
    Guard in peace our pathways,
    mutans Evae nomen.

  3. Solve vincla reis,
    healing light revealing,
    mala nostra pelle,
    for us interceding.

  4. Monstra te esse matrem,
    to him praying humbly,
    quem pro nobis natum1
    him who made thee holy.

  5. Virgo singularis,
    meek beyond comparing,
    nos culpis solutos,
    make us meek and caring.

  6. Vitam praesta puram,
    watch the way before us,
    that, videntes Jesum,
    we may join his chorus.

  7. Sit laus Deo Patri,
    as to Christ in heaven,
    Spiritui Sancto
    triune praise be given. Amen.

  1. There are a number of cases in Latin which might work here, since the verb is in English, but the original nominative does not.